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Equestrian Lifestyle Solutions

Horse and Human Well-Being and Performance

We are working hard to get these Membership Services available to you via our website. Call or email if you would like join now!

Equestrian Lifestyle Club

An all-embracing passion for Horses and Well-Being is the most essential prerequisite for membership in our Equestrian Lifestyle Community.

The Equestrian Lifestyle Club offers their unique “Swiss Bank Account” membership and account package.

The “Swiss Bank Account” is an Equestrian Lifestyle Exclusive and invites you to save for your future enjoyment. You pay into your account on a monthly basis and you can also invite friends and family to pay in – the PERFECT GIFT for Birthdays, Christmas and just because I Love You! You can also use your account to give gifts to friends and family!

A $15 minimum paid monthly into your “Swiss Bank Account”. Of course you can make larger monthly payments!Small monthly payments soon add up and before you know it you are enjoying a wonderful full service treatment, joining one of our workshops or participating one of our clinics!

Members receive a 5% discount on in-house services, workshops, and clinics. We also have membership raffles.

PKF Riding Club Packages

The Riding Membership at Pine Knoll Center for Integrated Horsemanship is a program unique in our area. Equine enthusiasts of all ages are invited to join the club in pursuit of horsemanship, education and well-being for horse and rider. Joining the PKF Riding Club requires a Monthly commitment to a package of lessons. Under the tutelage of Cathy Fox, BHSAI. (see Lessons and Training)

There are a number of options for Riding Membership Packages depending on your level of commitment.

4 Lessons- 5% off

8 Lessons- 10% off

Working Students

Working students can be members of the Equestrian Club as well! Working students, as the name implies, work in exchange for barn and horse time, both in and out of the saddle.

This type of a position requires commitment as well as hands on work. The payoff is learning from a top instructor on well trained horses.

If finances are an issue, but hard work and commitment are not, this is the place for you.

Students will be taught horsemanship in the barn and on horseback. Goal setting and review will be part of the working student's curriculum.