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Equestrian Lifestyle Solutions

Horse and Human Well-Being and Performance

My Reiki Story

"In 2004 I was in a very bad horseback riding accident. While on a trail ride, after a picnic stop, my friend and our two daughters were getting back on our horses to head home. I was attempting to mount my horse when the saddle slipped a bit and my horse bolted. At a full gallop, I came down out of the saddle, my horses hoof hit just above my right ankle and broke through my leg. I sustained a compound fracture. I was surgically repaired, but two years after my accident, I was still walking with a cane and I was still needing pain killers every day just to get through the day, due to the post traumatic arthritis that was taking over my ankle joint. My surgeon suggested I get an alternative therapy to address the pain, because the pain killers had started to damage my liver and kidneys. He sent me to an acupuncturist who happened to be a Reiki Master. I spied a little book about Reiki in his waiting room as I was there to get acupuncture, we began a dialogue about Reiki. We agreed that it would be more cost efficient for me to take a Reiki class and learn how to treat myself, rather than continue the many costly treatments that I would continue to need. I learned Reiki and I was hooked. I was able to walk without a cane within a couple of weeks. In a couple of months I was completely weaned off of all pain medication. I started working on myself, family members, friends, horses, dogs, and pretty much anything that wanted to experience the Reiki energy. I began working on clients in the same clinic that my acupuncturist worked and through practice and dedication, I gained my own Master-Teaching level in 2012 after a two year internship with that same Reiki Master. Reiki has truly saved my life and taken me on a path to health that I never felt would have been possible after sustaining such an injury. I am grateful every day that I have this tool to use on myself and others."

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a drug free, natural healing method that can help resolve issues or problems at all levels of the body, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. Reiki does this by balancing the energy in the body. Reiki practitioners allow this energy to flow through their hands and into another person, animal or plant. The energy emitted, Reiki, does not come from the practitioners, it only flows through them. Therefore, the practitioners do not become drained of their own personal energy. Because of this, there is no limitation on the number of Reiki clients the practitioners may treat each day.

What are the benefits?

  • Relaxation and comfort
  • Promotes and speeds the natural healing process
  • Energy balance throughout the body
  • Lower anxiety, depression, and pain
  • Increases the digestive systems efficiency
  • Mind, body, and spiritual growth and wellness

Where does Reiki come from?

The energy itself is all around us, like oxygen. Practitioners know how to utilize and apply Reiki to where it is needed. The method used was developed in Japan by Mikao Usui in the early 1920’s. This method allows anyone to learn this technique. The Master -Teachers can teach and pass along this knowledge and energy, by way of attunement and hand placements. Reiki 1 is all about self treatment. Reiki 2 is about increasing the energy level and more advanced techniques for higher levels of healing. Reiki 3 is Master-Teacher level in which anyone can learn how to teach others and how to pass along the energy. These different levels of training are distinguished by levels of proficiency. This system allows for gradual, personal growth at your own pace.

Is Reiki a religion, or have a religious affiliation?

Reiki has no religious affiliation. Reiki practitioners come from many races and countries and may have many different belief systems. Religion is unrelated to the practice of Reiki. There are five precepts that Reiki practitioners try to emulate as part of the practice. They are:

Just for today, let go of anger.

Just for today, let go of worry.

Just for today be grateful.

Just for today work honestly and diligently.

Just for today be kind to all things with life.

What can I expect during a Reiki treatment?

A typical Reiki treatment session lasts about an hour. The time may vary depending on the clients particular needs and condition. The client will lie face up for two thirds of the treatment, then turns over for the last portion. While laying on a padded table, or while seated in a comfortable chair, full clothed, the practitioners will place their hands on or just above parts of the body in twelve predetermined hand positions. They will hold these positions for a few minutes, depending upon how long it takes to balance the energy in these areas.

What can I expect to feel from a Reiki treatment?

The feelings and observations during and after a Reiki treatment can be as unique as finger prints to each client. There are however, some very common things to expect:

Usually clients feel sensations such as warmth on the area being treated. They may also feel tingling or pulsations of the energy. Although, some may feel nothing at all in regards to the actual energy, most people will at the very least feel released and comforted from the experience. They often describe a sense of “well-being”, less stressed and/or less pain compared to how they felt before the session.

What are the risks?

Rarely some clients have a “reaction” after a treatment. The reason for this is that the bodies’ natural immune system is energized and the body will begin a natural detoxification. Administering Reiki speeds up these naturally occurring, processes in the body. For example, a person who has a cold, may have their symptoms increase for a short period of time, but the duration of the cold will be significantly shortened due to a Reiki treatment. Although, the onset of a “reaction” may be uncomfortable, after the full effect is realized the patient feels relieved and renewed.

Read about Maureen's success with a Combined Driving Champion and his horses:

For years, I have suffered from a numbness in my left leg that starts out as a silver dollar sized spot on the outside of my thigh above my knee, and can spread up to within a few inches of my hip. The only thing that I have found to treat that condition has been Reiki. In 2012 I met Maureen Foright when I sought a treatment for myself. In conversation, I learned that Maureen also treats animals, and she has been treating my horses ever since. In 2012, I campaigned for and was awarded a spot on the USEF Single Horse World Championships team and successfully competed at the World Championships in Portugal. We were the highest placed American at the Worlds, and Maureen’s Reiki treatments and evaluations were a critical part of our success. Maureen was able to identify several issues for me, allowing me to treat them as needed both with supplements and Reiki. I find Reiki to be an excellent tool as a non-invasive treatment for myself and my animals in everyday living as well as international driving sport."

Sterling D. B. Graburn

2008, 2012 USEF National Combined Driving Single Horse Champion

2006, 2012 USEF World Championship Team

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