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Equestrian Lifestyle Solutions

Horse and Human Well-Being and Performance

Vee describes her April 2015 retreat at Pine Knoll, and Tom Poulin critiques her before and after pictures riding Wolly.

Gillian hosted a workshop in October 2014 with two other wonderful women, Grace Schwartz and Virginia Drake. This "Awakening to Wellbeing" workshop went over very well. Much of the feedback we received focused on the participants learning how to 'trust their instincts' and the 'importance of an open heart'.

Here is a snippet from a letter sent to us by a participant:

"My experience with horse/human interactions is that horses provide honest feedback that is free of judgment to the humans they interface with. Nonjudgmental feedback is especially effective for people like Wounded Warriors, who have dealt with traumatic transitions in their lives and often may be judgmental of themselves. This work will change lives in positive ways and I am thankful to have experienced it. Please continue this work."

-Sandy Gruzesky, US Navy Commander (Retired)

What would it take to be living your best life?

(HorsEmpowerment Workshop, Oct 2013) 

"Many thanks for an unforgettable and transformative event!"

Grace Schwartz

“To all at Pine Knoll Farm: Thank you for a wonderful, informative, inspiring, and fun weekend. Working on the simulator reminded us that small adjustments can lead to big changes. My horses will appreciate the difference in the subtlety of my riding. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful program and giving us the opportunity to participate in your vision for the future.”

Jackie Stobbs

March 2011 Clinic

"I had the best horse week EVER! This was the most comprehensive “Spa Like” experience any horse and rider could have. Final result we were working together not against each other."

Cat Canfield

September 2013

"I recently attended the Pine Knoll Center for Integrated Horsemanship because I had heard of their unique program and I wanted to learn more about the impact and perspective Pine Knoll could give me and my equine companion a greater and deeper connection. The experience after coming back home and riding my Friesian in Dressage was perceptibly improved. Impressively, and logically after they explained it, riding doesn't start at the time one gets up on the mounting block. It starts with body discipline exercises both mentally and physically.

I then had a unique experience to move on site to a mount called Harmony The 4HFSchoolMaster. This mechanism was so close to the real thing (as I learned coming back home to ride my own horse) that my ride was smoother, better balanced and harmonious. Having the opportunity to have professionals scrutinize every detail of my riding balance and aid use gave me a real perspective of what I wasn't doing to help my balanced riding. I came from the exercise with muscle soreness and recalled muscle memory which showed me where I was not taking advantage of correct form. My riding and my equine partner connection is stronger.

I intend to go back for more of the same care and attention from the staff at Pine Knoll next month, and I live on the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I went in with an open mind, and had my expectations exceeded.

Thanks to all of the professionals who take this integrated approach so seriously. It is real.”

-David Marra

Spring, 2012

An excerpt from an article called "I'm OK, You're OK" by Sue Clark, about her experience with one of our horses, named OK:

"Have you ever experienced a time in your life when everything came into place as though it were a beautiful gift which transcended from heaven? It was like that for me the day I rode a horse named, “OK” in the Tom Poulin clinic at Pine Knoll Farm.

Read the full article here.

"I cannot thank Cathy Fox enough for giving me back my confidence as a rider and reminding me all the time why I love this sport. I am happy to not only call her my instructor and mentor but a friend."

-Whitney Abraham

Summer, 2012

Laura came to one of Tom Poulin's clinics in preparation for the Regional Championships. This is what she said afterward:

"The scores at Regional Championships were as good as or better than they had been all year. The freestyle scores were significantly better (Gravitas' was 7+% points higher than anything he had earned previously). And we earned 1 Champion, 2 Reserve Champions, and a 5th out of 5 rides in championship classes. In our book, it was an huge success. Even if Mr. Poulin didn't make drastic changes, he made the right ones, and he gave me a big boost of confidence. This confidence, and the peace and blessings of the entire week made for an absolutely amazing weekend of competition."

-Laura Corsentino

October, 2012